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Welcome to the Bishop Byrne Alumni Association Website. Whether you're visiting us for the first time or are a long standing member of the Bishop Byrne family, we hope you'll find what you need here.


If you desire further information, please contact us.


Your Alumni Association is selling excess memorabilia to raise funds to finish the construction of our Bishop Byrne Memorabilia Room at Memphis Catholic.  You can see the items for sale here.  Your Memorabilia Room Committee is in need of some retail type glass display cases, Trophy cases, lumber to build shelves, money to purchase items we can't get donated and -of course- volunteers to help put it all together!  If you can help us please send us a message  100% of ALL DONATIONS go to this project!



Just some of the Bishop Byrne Alumni in attendance

 The Alumni Association's "One More Knight" was a huge success!  Over 1000 former students, spouses and friends came to Bishop Byrne on May 11th 2013 to see their Alma Mater one last time - and to re-cement the friendships they formed during their formative four years at Bishop Byrne.  Every class was represented.  From the very first graduates in 1965 to some of this years graduating seniors - and all years in-between.


With this reunion covering ALL graduating classes and anyone who ever attended Bishop Byrne it was not only the largest reunion in Bishop Byrne's 46 year history - but likely the largest class reunion in the history of Memphis!  This was the first time many of them they had seen each other since they graduated!  It was really a magical "Knight". you can see photos HERE


Even though we can't meet at 1475 East Shelby Drive any more your Alumni Association has plans to hold functions each year at various locations around Memphis - to make sure the bond we all have  that is BISHOP BYRNE will never fade away!


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